Build Life Long Relationships with your customers by celebrating their birthdays

Today is my Birthday! so I want to talk about how to treat your customers on their birthdays! Remember that your best client is the existing client! those who come back, those who recommend you to their friends, etc.. so treat your customers nicely! This morning I received a phone call (yes a phone call!) not an email or something impersonal, a phone call from my GYM wishing me happy birthday. The call lasted probably 20 seconds but it made me smile and I was really happy! next time I go to my gym I go there with a smile on my face! How can you apply this to your business? even if you are in sales, make sure to note down the birthdays of your clients and give them a call or send them a present to their offices, it makes a big difference. Today on my gmail account I got spammed with many emails from various companies who have my birthday on their system so they send automated (impersonal) emails which get deleted. Another good one was I received a letter on my mailbox from my hairdresser saying: we have 2 gifts for you, the first one you have to come pick it up yourself, is a surprise and the second one was 10% off their hair products. This intrigued me and makes me want to go back to that hairdresser just to pick up my surprise 🙂 but is a great initiative for client retention.

-Discard generic emails!
– Yes to gifts on the post! People love gifts!
-Yes to 20 second phone call!
-Send a birthday card. Be sure to sign the card and include a birthday offer an irresistible call to action.
-Send your customers a birthday shirt. Turn your customer into a walking billboard by sending a customized birthday t-shirt from your business. Find a way to incorporate your company logo, name, or website. “ABC Restaurant is wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come.” As an added bonus if they wear the shirt to your store location (or upload a picture of them wearing the shirt to your Facebook page or Pinterest board if you’re an online store) on their birthday offer something irresistible such as 50% of there purchase of select items in your store or buy one get one free

– What are you doing to celebrate your client birthdays? or what are good ideas you have seen or experienced? share them here!