The Superyacht Academy

This is the world’s first YACHTING MASTERCLASS available at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

Online virtual courses also available.

“Yachting knowledge is like sex, you only learn it by doing it” – This is the first time people can learn a holistic view on yachting

Most of us in yachting learned ‘yachting’ all by experience, as before there was no resources, no book, and no courses. Finally in 2021 the Yacht Club de Monaco launches the first-ever YACHTING MASTERCLASS where you can learn all about the superyacht Industry with 13 modules where you can learn from top experts and ICONs from the industry!

People in this industry like to “keep their cards closed to their chest’ meaning they dont usually like to share their knowledge and insights. If you want to be a yacht manager from scratch for example, it is very difficult to “learn the ropes”. This course will give you YEARS OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, knowledge and insights that only the top experts in the industry know!

Holistic View

Most charter brokers dont really understand yacht design, likewise, yacht designers not necesarily know about operations or life on board, crew dont understand shipyards, and shipyards dont understand sales brokers. Everyone is good at doing the jobs but they tend to forget the bigger picture.

This is the first 360 holistic program where you can learn in depth about all professions that create a yacht. From yacht design to yacht building to sales and marketing, all the way to operations and ownership.

The Pink elefant in the room, must people feel stupid about asking questions, so they rather put on an arrogant mask to hide their ignorance than to try to learn it! But who is to blame, if there are no books and no courses and no references where you can learn from! Well nowadays yes there is The Superyacht Industry Book, The Superyacht Industry Forum and hereby the first Masterclass where no question is a stupid one! We are here to learn, ask questions in a friendly and pedagogical environment!


8 weeks

Lessons twice a week: Executive schedule so you can join after work!

Thursday 5pm- 7pm (2hours module)  theory + open floor

Saturday 9am-11am (3 hours module) theory + guest speaker

The Modules

We start with the BASICS, port side, starboard, bulwarks, etc..

Even if I was raised on boats, and I am a sailor, I must say that the Yachting termonology is very specific! In this module you will learn all parts on a yacht, and the lingo shipyards, crew and brokers use on a daily basis!

Then we move on THE MARKET how many yachts are they? what is really our fleet? we analyze the data and the number to truly understand our niche.

YACHT OWNERS, how many millions you need to be considered wealthy? who are they, where they made their money, why they own a yacht, etc…

YACHT DESIGN the principles of exterior yacht design, and then we go deeper into interior design. Something you can not learn anywhere else!

NAVAL ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING, what are the basics you should all know! (keeping it simple and straight!)

YACHT BUILDING, what is the process of selling a yacht (and pricing a yacht) what type of luxury marketing works, the yacht building process from keel laying superstructure erection, outfitting launching commissioning, sea trials, etc.

Everything you need to know about CLASSIFICATION, MARITIME LAW, and FLAG, what does it mean to have a Cayman Flag? how can you register a yacht and what is the trust cost of ownership?

YACHT CHARTER, everything you need to know to charter a yacht, the differnces between a charter manager and retail charter,

YACHT MANAGEMENT, yacht accounting, financial management, safety and security management, ISM, ISPS, crew management, techincal management, refit project management, new build proejct management, etc..

REFIT, MARINAS which ones are suitable to welcome superyachts, what are the top marins in the world, what is the future of marinas and more.

CREW what are the roles onbaord, what are the certificates needed, salary guidelines, life onboard as crew,etc..
who are YACHT AGENTS, what do they do? what is the BEST HELICOPTER TO GO ONBOARD, ALL ABOUT YACHT AVIATION and we finish with SUSTAINABILITY alternative propulsions, green trends and the future of yachting!

Phfew! and this is to keep it short in this article, but the amount of insights you will learn here you cannot learn anywhere else!

The Speakers

I am the program director meaning I coordinate the whole program, however the information and insights are provided by the top experts and icons of the superyacht Industry.

Module DATE Time Guest Speakers
Seamanship Terminology & Vocabulary 10th April Saturday 9am-11am Marcela de Kern Royer, Peter Thompson
The Superyacht Market Boat International,
Yacht owners – Yacht owners experience 15the April Thursday 5pm- 7pm  Wealth X
Exterior Design 17th April Saturday 9am-11am Espen Oeino
Interior Design Michelle Flandin from Sorgiovanni
Naval architecture Perry Van oossanen
Engineering 29 April Thursday 5pm- 7pm Matteo Magherini from Lateral
Propulsion Systems (engines) MTU
Shipyards & Yacht Building 02 May Saturday 9am-11am Paris Baloumis, Oceanco
Classification Engel de Boer from Lloyds
Maritime Law 6th May Thursday Alex Teji Hill Dickinson
Flag 5pm- 7pm Ed Henny form Cayman
Yacht Ownership Janet Xanthopoulos from Rosemont
Insurances 8th May Saturday 9am-11am Olivier de Roffignac from Pantaenius
Yacht Charter 13th of May Thursday 5pm- 7pm Ocean Independence
Yacht Sales 15th May Saturday 9am-11am Jan Jaap Minnema, Fraser
Luxury Marketing Farouk Nefzi Feadship
Yacht Refit 27th of May Thursday 5pm- 7pm Amico
Marinas Inwards Marine
Yacht Management 29th of May Saturday 9am-11am Fraser or Ocean Independence
 Family Offices 5pm- 7pm JTC
Yacht Crew 5th of June Saturday 9am-11am Josh Conquest, Superyacht captain
 Yacht agents  Pesto Seagroup
Yacht Aviation 10th of June Thursday 5pm- 7pm Airbus
Sustainability Seaindex, TBC

The fees

You can either participate live at the exclusive facilities of the Belle Classe Academy (a secretive section of the Yacht Club de Monaco) where you will also get a chance to netwrok and meet the guest speakers and other participants. If you enroll to the entire course you will get a diploma which will certainly help you in your career. The cost for the full program of 13 modules is 1,800 euros (which is cheaper than any other type of MBA, Master or education program and this one you will learn practical knowledge that will actually help you in your career!)


You can also just choose a few modules that you want to participate, each module costs 250 euros.


You can also choose to join virtually on zoom. The indivual course are 150euros, and the entire progvram is 1,000 instead of 1,800 euros.


Companies that enrol more than one student will get a corporate discount, please contact us with the number of participants.

If you bring a friend you get 20% OFF!


Many companies fully or partly sponsor their employees for our courses and actively encourage personal development in line with company priorities. You should start by discussing your training request with your line manager, training manager or human resources manager to enquire about support available. Make sure you have thought through your reasons for wanting to do the course and how it will benefit yourself, your job role and your company.  Employers can be very positive if you have thought through your reasons for undertaking the course and demonstrate the self-discipline and commitment required to gain maximum benefit from a training programme. We are always happy to directly talk to you and your manager to answer any questions about the course. We’re here to help you so please contact us without delay.


Because it is a very exclusive course we would like to keep it small in order to provide better quality. Therefore if you are interested make sure you reserve your seat fast! There are limited spaces available and we are almost sold out!