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Who will benefit?

Land based Professional

Brokers, designers, yacht managers, charter brokers, suppliers, lawyers, insurance companies, etc.​​

LUxury industry

people working in non-yachting luxury industry such as hospitality, banks, family offices, management, etc.​​

Crew onboard

Captains, chefs, stewardesses, first officers, deckhands, - great way to enter the industry or start career on land.​

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Become a Super Yacht Expert

Glen Stephens – Yacht Captain

“A fantastic and very engaging course. All of the information offered by Marcela was completely practical, relevant and presented in an easy, digestible and interesting way.”



The Yachting Masterclass designed for anyone who wants to fully understand the yachting industry. From new yacht owners, banks, family offices, brokers, suppliers and anyone  in the yachting industry who wants to move into a new or more senior management role. 

From yacht crew looking to a shore-based management role.

From yachting professionals seeking to broaden their employment horizons, to companies, who wish to develop their experienced staff and enhance the industry knowledge, and management efficiency of their business.

Overall is designed  for anyone with amition, either in the yachting industry, or working in the luxury industry  who wants to have a holistic 360 perspective of the entire yachting industry

Benefits of the course and learning outcomes:

✔️ Understand the yachting Industry holistically

✔️ Find out who the yacht owners are and what are their expectations

✔️ Identify the principles of yacht design

✔️ Understand the basics of naval architecture and engineering

✔️ Learn the yachting vocabulary, seamanship terms and have nautical fluency

✔️ Recognize main propulsion and technical systems

✔️ Master the purpose of flags and classification societies

✔️ Discover the main players in the industry, shipyards, designers and brokerage houses

✔️ Identify all roles onboard a yacht

✔️ Learn how to sell and market yachts

✔️ Learn about yacht management, charter, and operations


Course modules

Learn the difference between a boat and a yacht and all the yachting terminology so you can speak like a yachtie and understand all of the technical terms that are common in the industry.

Video 55 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

How many yachts are there in the world? And how many are larger than 30 metres? Learn about the yacht market, looking at the sailing yachts and motor yachts. 

Video 49 Min  + 4 Min read to complete

Find out more about the HNW and UHNW and what is the difference between them. Which nationalities are including the top yacht owners, top billionaire countries and top UHNW cities. Did you know only 2% of UHNW owns a yacht?

Video 65 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Find out more about the HNW and UHNW and what is the difference between them. Which nationalities are including the top yacht owners, top billionaire countries and top UHNW cities. Did you know only 2% of UHNW owns a yacht?

Video 65 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Find out how a yacht is designed and what are the newest trends in yacht design. Some top recent ones are plumb bows, beach clubs, gyms, open terraces, saunas, steam rooms, observation rooms and more. 

Video 57 Min  + 4 Min read to complete

Let’s get technical and learn about the naval architecture key principles such as advantage of having a bulbuous bow, imporance of an archimedes principle, center of buoyancy, Foude’s law, hull materials and much more.  

Video 45 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

A superyacht can be powered with different propulsion technologies, the most common ones are: Diesel Mechanic, Diesel- Electric, and Hybrid Propulsion. We will explain each one in detail. 

Video 55 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Learn about the shipyards, where they are located, which ones are the most famous ones, which ones are making productions boats and which ones build custom yachts. 

Video 63 Min  + 5 Min read to complete

Find out more about classification and class societies and why they are important. Classification societies develop, publish and implement rules and regulations assessing the safety and reliability of the yacht.

Video 47 Min  + 3 Min read to complete

What are the main insurance policies neccessary in yachting.  

Video 45 Min  + 4 Min read to complete

Learn about the Maritime law and what is important for super yachts.  

Video 28 Min  + 3 Min read to complete

How the ownership of the yacht is structured and where it is flagged, often depends on: The location where the yacht operates, The intended use & The applicable tax and fiscal regimes, and more.

Video 47 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Learn about the yacht design from the best yacht designers in the world of yachting

Video 35 Min  + 3 Min read to complete

Learn more about the maritime law, MYBA and IYBA, SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, ICOMIA, LOI and more.

Video 62 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Learn about yacht charters, who is a charter manager and who is a retail broker. How many weeks is yacht usually chartered per season and what is an APA and how does it all work.

Video 44 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Learn the secrets of marketing to the UHNW and secrets of online / offline marketing in yachting. 

Video 65 Min  + 4 Min read to complete

There are different types of re-fits, such as technical, cosmetic, new paint job and others. Learn about the process and how it can add value to the vessel. 

Video 55 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

The main departments of yacht management are: Yacht administration/ Accounting, Crew Management, Safety/ compliance management and Technical Management. Do you know the annual budget for a 50m yacht? Or what is one of the biggest costs? 

Video 58 Min  + 5 Min read to complete

What is a family office? And what is the difference between single and multi family offices? 

Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Why are yacht agents important and why are they sometimes referred to as the James bond of the industry?  

Video 25 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Who can become a yacht crew? And what is the difference between working on a private yacht and a charter yacht.

Video 28 Min  + 3 Min read to complete

Which helicopters are most popular for yachts? What are the safety and technical requirements for helicopters on board? 

Video 58 Min  + 3 Min read to complete

Find out about the recent progress regarding sustainability in yachting. 

Video 37 Min  + 5 Min read to complete


Yachting Masterclass reviews

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About Program Director - Marcela Kern Royer

About the Author

I’m MARCELA A yachting industry EXPERT

Super yacht industry expert, consultant and founder of Onboard monaco.

Marcela de Kern Royer, she is a Monaco resident founder and owner of Onboard, a consulting firm based in Monaco specialized in the sales to HNWI and luxury marketing in the yachting industry. Author of the first textbook ever written about The Superyacht Industry, also she is the founder of the superyacht industry-forum, a platform to connect all professionals. She is currently consulting various marinas; brokerage houses; shipyards and yacht clubs , moreover, she is a professor at the International University of Monaco. Previously she was commercial director for ICON Yachts shipyard in the Netherlands and was also the founder and president of the Young Professionals in Yachting (YPI) Monaco chapter, among many other pursuits as being a yacht manager, and a supplier in the industry she has a wide perspective of the industry. Apart from her professional services, she is also an influential social media figure in yachting. Marcela speaks fluently six languages, Spanish being her mother tongue, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. She has a passion for all things yachting and is known worldwide for being a trusted spoke person for the yachting industry.


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